Little Sins - Sample

The roads that lead to Hell are endless. Twisted, crooked patches of human desire that run between worlds yet always seem to lead somewhere else. Twisting and intersecting with one another, they circle back upon themselves so no matter how often you try to step off the path, your feet still find your way here.

The City of the Damned.

The City squats at the center of Hell, a sprawling construct of carven bone, crawling out to the corners of every horizon. The Tower of Screams overlooks all, and from my post at the pinnacle I can see from one end of Damnation to the other.

I have kept this vigil for ten thousand years and all I must do is think upon which inhabitant of Hell I wish to look upon and I am able to see their torment clearly in my mind's eye.

I can also see their tormentors. The demons and the foul creatures that serve in Hell to rehabilitate or punish lost and wayward souls are legion. From the small winged demons that are the least of their kind, to the mighty Cerebrus who eats the gluttonous slowly while they yet live, only to be reborn again the next morning.

I see them all. Feel their presence. They are my charges, and by the Grace of the Creator, Hell is mine to command.

Do not misunderstand - I do not enjoy punishing the souls who end up here. It is a sacred duty, one I was honored to undertake at the command of the Creator.

For without Hell, what purpose does Heaven serve?

But on this day, I feel something which at first is unfamiliar. When I rose from my chambers to climb the thousand stairs to the top of the Screaming Tower, unease had gripped my heart.

I looked out over the blood bleached plains of Hell and realized - one of my demons is missing.